How To Stay Organized in Your Business

Photocred: - Marketing inspiration!!

Photocred: - Marketing inspiration!!

When launching a business staying organized is an absolute MUST! Here are a few of my daily necessities in staying organized with the hectic schedule of an entrepreneur.

Day Designer – I discovered the Day Designer and it has CHANGED MY LIFE!! I tried several different planners but the Day Designer is everything I have been looking for in a planner. It’s ideal in keeping my days organized and scheduling my goals in my business and in my personal life.


  • monthly overview
  • pages for notes
  • hourly breakdown
  • to-do checklists
  • area for daily “download”
  • inspirational quotes
  • encouragement for daily gratitude (SO important for entrepreneurs)
  • sturdy (I carry mine with me EVERYWHERE)
  • downloadable worksheets to determine goals and goal focus for your year


  • size (large and heavy for a purse)
  • only available online
  • sells out quickly and is only released specific months


Toggl – Toggl is a timekeeping app/ website that allows you to track the time it takes for you to complete each task. This particular app is free and available on mobile devices and desktops. Seeing the time you are spending to complete each task allows for you to maximize your time and plan accurately.


  • free!
  • ability to log in and keep a history
  • ability to categorize tasks into different “projects”
  • ability to run different report summaries
  • ability to have others on your team log their time under relevant projects
  • manual or timer option


  • desktop and mobile app is limited
  • must log in to the website to view full range of capabilities
  • must upgrade to use billing capabilities


iPad w Logitech Keyboard - For those of you that don’t know me entirely, I am a MAC USER! You will not find me standing at line outside of an Apple store the day of a new release (inefficient use of time) but I am all about efficiency and my Apple products have been the greatest decisions of my work life. I work from the home office with my 8 yr old iMac that still runs like the day I bought it and when I am out and about working or traveling I have my iPad with my Logitech keyboard. I blog, plan, market, build spreadsheets, email, attach files, research with no restrictions. It’s the perfect complement to my iMac!! Any files I need are on the cloud and easily accessible from my iPad. It’s so necessary to be able to work from anywhere with no restrictions or preparations.


  • ability to work from anywhere
  • small and easy to carry
  • Logitech keyboard is sturdy and holds charge for months
  • keyboard is magnetic and compact
  • perfect complement to iPhone and iMac


  • does not hold files, must always work off cloud

Website: (duh)

Mophie charger case - I feel like this is a no brainer but it’s so inexcusable in 2015 to run out of charge in your phone. As an entrepreneur your phone is your lifeline and you will be on it more than the average adult. Searching around for an outlet or charging your phone in a random hallway of a public space is such a hassle and waste of time. The Mophie case is a phone case that goes directly on your phone and has a switch that allows you to charge when you get low.


  • easy
  • convenient
  • charges your phone


  • a little pricy
  • gives you one charge
  • case is bulky


These are all the things that keep me organized though the daily responsibilities of being an entrepreneur. Now the only thing you need is a professional bag big enough to carry everything with you! What are some things that get you through your day?


5 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

Throughout the years I have come across the same question on several occasions; “Why hire an event planner when I can do it myself”. The answer is quite simple!

1. Cut the Stress

Admittedly event planning is not brain surgery, but it does require a lot of planning and organizing of several details and several moving parts. Diving into unknown territory paired with the eagerness for a successful event is similar to starting a new job with no previous experience or training; overwhelming and stressful. Rather than put yourself in an uncomfortable position, cut the stress and hire a planner who is experienced in handling the details that go into an event. You will sleep much better at night!

2. Save Time

Planning an event is typically very time consuming; planning the details, arranging site visits, holding meetings, making phone calls, managing emails. Adding planning an event to your schedule can become very overwhelming, especially if you already have a full time job and/ or family. Hiring an event planner will allow for your to maintain your current responsibilities efficiently without any interruption.

3. Connections

Whether its a choice venue, a food and beverage minimum, or pricing on rental furniture, an event planner (or a good one at least) has connections and relationships in the industry and/or city in which they can leverage to get you the best outcome for your event. This one of the major benefits of working with a professional event planner for your event; they are able to nail down details for your event that you may not have been able to.

4. Stay on budget

Along with getting you the best pricing, a major role of your event planner will be to keep you within your budget. Your planner will draw up a proposal on the event based upon your predetermined budget and will make sure to stay within said budget throughout the planning process while keeping you informed of where your money is being allocated. Again, the connections the planner has throughout the industry will help with getting you the most for your money.

5. ROI

Every event is looking for a ROI (return on investment). If it is a product launching event, the company could be looking to reach X amount of potential clients and raise X dollars of funding. If it is a wedding the couple could be looking to (of course) finalize their marriage and show appreciation towards their friends and family. The ROI is the main goal in which the event planner is working towards. The ROI is the entire reason for throwing the event and is the primary focus for the planner. Your planner will ensure that your event is successful and that you and your clients/ guests are happy with the result.

I am in no way discouraging my fellow planners at heart; If this is one of your hobbies and you love taking on events then I commend you! But I hope this helped those of you who were wondering “why”.