A Vulnerable Post

When starting a business you read about the struggles; lack of sleep, difficulties raising funding, balancing personal life…. the list goes on and on. The one thing that no one talks about is how exposing the entire process of starting a business is. Taking such a journey will put you in situations that will challenge every aspect of your character and the strength of your ambition. Fears that you didn’t know you had will start to arise, doubts you’ve never had before will start to creep into the edges of your mind. But they say this is how you know you are teetering on the edge of greatness, right?

Starting a business is ultimately putting yourself in one uncomfortable situation after another, walking blindly into unknown territory with the faith that each step is taking you to your ultimate goal. I think my biggest vulnerability in starting a business is how the business is branded and is represented which is ultimately a reflection on myself. I have to admit that I place a lot of pressure on myself to succeed and remain this “young woman with such potential for success”. I over analyze every single word I write in a blog post, and re-write a simple Facebook post at least 4 times, I stared at the template for my business cards for at least 4 hours straight, and I completely redid my website twice ON the official launch day. In all honesty, at times it feels as though I am standing naked on the stage of a concert venue with a mic in hand and no clue of the lyrics. But I can see the end of the concert; the applause, how amazing it turned out, and the rave reviews that follow. Because I have a vision of what my ultimate goal is I am learning (STILL LEARNING) that everything that I do will not be perfect and that being happy within this business means being myself and not a hyper, over analyzed version of myself. Plus, it’s a inefficient use of time to obsess over small details. Us entrepreneurs cannot afford to waste time!

What no one tells you is that growing a business is the same as growing yourself. You become more comfortable speaking and giving presentations. You grow to be a networking wiz. You form relationships with people you would never have known. You become a writer. You become a marketing genius. You become more comfortable with yourself as that is the person that you are presenting to the world. You become the face of your company and your flaws (as long as they’re not related to bookkeeping) become irrelevant.

Thanks to everyone for your support thorough this time, its difficult at times but I’m excited for what’s to come!