4 Steps to Making Your Dream Your Reality

Photocred: Interior Design Magazine

Photocred: Interior Design Magazine

I would really like to share with you the 4 most important steps in making your dream your reality. It took me a little while to get the hang of it but I hope that in sharing these tips with you will allow for an easier transition towards your dreams

1. State the dream

Now, I am taking into account you already have a dream already in mind. If you don’t yet, that’s ok, it’s a matter of time. Just keep looking within yourself!

Those of you that have your dream, claim it! Write it down, put it on your vision board, just say it out loud. So many of us have a dream in mind but are too scared to pursue them and keep making excuses within ourselves; “I don’t have time” “I live in the wrong city for that” “I don’t have the money right now”. Others are too scared to event say it out loud. If you are nervous to tell your parents, your friends, your significant other you don’t have confidence in yourself or your abilities. State your dream and claim it as your reality; this IS something that you ARE working towards and it WILL happen. Without conviction in your dream you have nothing.

2. Don’t look for validation

A support group is great when taking such a risk but you cannot look towards other people for validation in your dream; they do not have your vision, they cannot see you dream. Yes, of course share with those close to you, but when you get push back (and you will, guaranteed) just understand that their doubt does not make your dream any less valid. Most people are uncomfortable with change and your determination will surface issues within others and will be the main cause for most of the resistance. You have to understand that their doubts have nothing to do with your dream, they cannot determine your happiness.

3. Write out goals

Get a planner, download an app, pull a notebook off the shelf, how you keep track of your goals and accomplishments doesn’t matter but you must keep track of them. Plan out your year, separate the year into quarters, and the quarters into weeks and make milestones throughout the year that will serve your ultimate goal. Goals for each week, goals for each quarter, and goals you need to reach by the end of the year. Equally as important make sure that you celebrate your accomplishments, this will help push you through the rough times. If you are having a rough week just look back through your planner and look at all you accomplished this past month.

4. Remember why you are doing this

Speaking of rough, you will have ALOT of rough times. You will have self-doubt and you will think to yourself “Why am I doing this to myself?”. But every time you reach this point you need to remember WHY you are doing this. You are working towards an ultimate goal that is important to you. You should write down your reasons for pursing your dream; what the ultimate end result is and how your life will be as a result. Every time you get to that breaking point you can look and remind yourself the reasons you began in the first place.

I hope this helped in working towards your dreams. Good luck!