Fear and Business Don't Mix

Photocred: Elite Daily

Photocred: Elite Daily

In launching a business there are several obstacles that present itself. One of the most damaging, I have found, are fears. The fear of success, the fear of failure, the fear to put yourself and your business out there, the fear of criticism.

This week I was inspired by Alex Beadon in reading her blog post “WHY Have I Been Afraid of Success” and I love to hear the reality of what other entrepreneurs are going through. When I look at how successful and how amazing a person she is its shocking/endearing to me that of all people she admits to fearing the circumstances that come along with success. This made me take a pause and be completely honest with myself; if this successful businesswoman has fears, I MUST have some that I am unwilling to admit. What is my fear about success and how is this fear holding me back from furthering the success of my business?

I feel as if I have these amazing spurts of productivity and there are a few minor goals per week that could significantly further the business that I am trying to grow, but what is it that blocks me mentally and prevents me from finishing these few items. What is it that makes me shove these goals to the bottom of my to-do list or makes me roll it over until the following week?

How can I work so hard and read about the steps to success and plan the future and visualize a successful business but still have hesitation or doubts?! After sitting down and brainstorming and being truly honest with myself its so clear what my holdbacks are. It is the instability and the unknown in taking the leap of working full time for myself. Frankly, I have a great job that I enjoy AND its in my industry, great benefits, a salary, stupid (good stupid!) paid vacation time, opportunity for growth. But I am working towards leaving the stability of all that to build my dream company. I fear my directors finding out my plans are not to continue with the company and them dismissing me before I have my goal savings, and I fear the initial 6 months when I finally leave the security of a steady and regular income to work full time for myself.

In the moment acknowledging these fears I felt such a sense of clarity and the determination to push forward and triumph over these fears. I know that all of these obstacles are what us entrepreneurs must go through to grow from good to great. For me, this is the path that I have chosen and I will not take anything less than vision I have for Events by Kirk.

I write all of this to say to my fellow entrepreneurs that you are not alone when it comes to having fears in starting your business. We will all be apprehensive or even fearful about one aspect of our company. The trick is not to let your fear become doubts in yourself or your vision. Take the time to recognize the fear that is holding you back and push to overcome that very obstacle.

What are your fears?? Leave a comment below sharing your fear. Put it out for the world to see! Take the control over yourself and your business.