Advice to the Solopreneur

Solopreneur. I bet you’re thinking “Now she’s just making up words!”. My definition of a solopreneur is a person who suffers a psychosis or an abnormality of the mind and decides to venture into entrepreneurship solo. While we may all in fact be a little crazy, the abnormality that we have is; drive, passion, crave for success, a little obsessive compulsive disorder, and the need for control (hence the solo). I believe whole heartedly that I have this psychosis, which I have learned to be proud of. I discovered this word is commonly used among others who have decided to start a business on their own, without a partnership. It has kind of been a support system to know others are going through the same thing. While I am sitting at my computer for hours, I know I am not alone, there are others doing the same exact thing.

Typically those who venture into a partnership each have their own strengths to bring to the table and split the responsibilities evenly. Working solo, I do not have such luxuries. Every day I find myself learning more and more about starting up a business and I feel that this is great benefit to me as business woman. I am an event planner, I know how to plan and execute an event but now I am forming a whole new side of myself; Kirk, the solopreneur. Having to wear multiple hats in running a business is difficult but with perseverance I know I will conquer them and achieve greatness for Events by Kirk.

My advice for those stepping into solopreneurship;

Be patient - Starting a business is time consuming and being that there is only one of you, it will take time to get everything in order before the business takes off. Set realistic timelines and goals for yourself so that you may see the progress unfold.

Don’t get overwhelmed - Doing this solo means you are in charge of several different things, most of which you will be learning throughout the journey. There will be alot of Googling and moments of doubt. Make a check list for the week or month and focus on one task at a time and cross out the tasks on your list. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed find an activity that helps you take your mind off of the business; working out, yoga, reading, musical instruments. Schedule time to point your focus elsewhere for a few hours a week.

Know when to ask for help - Those who have chosen to go solo typically have a slight belief they are Superman (I know I do), but you will spend way more time trying to figure out a tough issue than just asking for advice or help. If you are having tech issues and are not techy at all, don’t waste days trying to read up and figure it out on your own, ask someone. If you are not into finances, seek financial advice. Marketing not your thing? Ask someone!

And finally, Hang in there, this advice is for myself as well. I keep reading that success is measured by the way one accepts failure. As solopreneurs we will fail, we will fall, but as successful business women and men we will pick ourselves up and carry on and learn from our previous losses. Once we loose the fear to fail, we will truly be successful.

Good luck fellow solopreneurs, we are all in this together!