A Simple Introduction

For those of you that don’t know, my name is Brittany Kirkland aka Kirk. I am the President and Founder of Events by Kirk. I currently live in Las Vegas working at a strip property all day only to come home and spend the evenings building a business that I have always wanted. I am very determined and driven to reach my goals and organized to the brink of OCD (which can be a weakness). I am more excited than nervous to step out as an entrepreneur but it is definitely huge learning experience learning to balance my personal life and my work life and knowing when to take the leap on faith and take major risks for the business. Little know facts about myself; I love playing the flute more than almost anything although I rarely step away from my computer to enjoy it, I am a recovering caffeine addict and it is a daily struggle, when I wear heels to networking functions and events I stand firmly at 6’3″ and I’m proud!

I started blogging to gain exposure in the Meeting and Events Industry as an emerging industry leader. I thought it would be great not only to showcase my talents as a Meeting Professional but I thought it would be a great marketing tool for Events by Kirk to gain more exposure and accrue pieces of business.

Originally when I began this blog I was targeting other Meeting and Event Professionals like myself, but as I continue blogging and learning I have discovered that the most productive use of my blog is to target my companies target demographic. Because Events by Kirk’s specialization is launching and marketing events for startups and young companies I have decided to target young entrepreneurs who have decided to dive into this journey as well.

In visiting my blog I am hoping that readers gain different things from the Event Kirk blog; I hope they feel a sense of community that they are not the only ones going through the struggle when they are sitting alone at their computer for 50 hrs a week, that they can learn from my experiences and navigate through their obstacles easier, and that they either know who to hire for their launching events or have some resources or point of reference when planning their own events.