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Wordy Wednesday - Update on Events by Kirk

It has been 7 months since I left the day job to work on Events by Kirk full-time. Being an entrepreneur is everything that you read about; its hard, exhausting, discouraging, and takes an insane level of determination and sacrifice. I have begun to greet rejections and "no" with "thank you, do you have any feedback" and then immediatly moving on to the next. Building the life you want has alot to do with also working on yourself, your personal restraints and drawbacks. The areas that I am working on are stress management, focus, not to be as hard on myself and my relationship wih money. In my spare time I have been reading alot, journaling and I have added meditation to my morning routine.

One of the reoccuring pieces of advice in almost every article about success I've read and books on entrepreneurship is the importance of listing your accomplishments. In working towards anything, its so easy to get caught up what you want your end result to be that you forget to acknoledge the progress you have made. In training for a marathon the rookie mistake is to still think midway through your training "theres no way I will be able to run 26 miles, the marathon is right around the corner". What you often forget is to acknowledge that you used to get winded after 15 min of running and now you are able to run 10 miles! You haven't reached your goal but you are on the right path and if you were determined enough to make it this far you will be able to make it on the day of the marathon. Even I have forgotton this important piece of advice, so in honor of this key rule I am going to list my accomplishments of the past 7 months

  • Marketing plan complete
  • Website redesign
  • Business foundations in place
  • Event consultation packages
  • Significant Q4 income
  • Hired by 2 travel directing companies
  • Working at T-Mobile Arena for additional income
  • T-Mobile is flexible enough to not affect the progress of my business
  • Made entrepreneur friends
  • Attending 2 networking events per week
  • Improved networking skills
  • Becoming known locally
  • 4 contracts signed and paid
  • 2 partnerships
  • 1 modeling gig (weird but cool) 
  • 1 social media management

Now, admittedly, I am not yet where I want to be in my business but just listing my accomplishments tells me I am going in the right direction. 

Happy Wordy Wednesday everyone!! In the comment section below, let me know what your greatest accomplishments were this past month!

A Vulnerable Post

When starting a business you read about the struggles; lack of sleep, difficulties raising funding, balancing personal life…. the list goes on and on. The one thing that no one talks about is how exposing the entire process of starting a business is. Taking such a journey will put you in situations that will challenge every aspect of your character and the strength of your ambition. Fears that you didn’t know you had will start to arise, doubts you’ve never had before will start to creep into the edges of your mind. But they say this is how you know you are teetering on the edge of greatness, right?

Starting a business is ultimately putting yourself in one uncomfortable situation after another, walking blindly into unknown territory with the faith that each step is taking you to your ultimate goal. I think my biggest vulnerability in starting a business is how the business is branded and is represented which is ultimately a reflection on myself. I have to admit that I place a lot of pressure on myself to succeed and remain this “young woman with such potential for success”. I over analyze every single word I write in a blog post, and re-write a simple Facebook post at least 4 times, I stared at the template for my business cards for at least 4 hours straight, and I completely redid my website twice ON the official launch day. In all honesty, at times it feels as though I am standing naked on the stage of a concert venue with a mic in hand and no clue of the lyrics. But I can see the end of the concert; the applause, how amazing it turned out, and the rave reviews that follow. Because I have a vision of what my ultimate goal is I am learning (STILL LEARNING) that everything that I do will not be perfect and that being happy within this business means being myself and not a hyper, over analyzed version of myself. Plus, it’s a inefficient use of time to obsess over small details. Us entrepreneurs cannot afford to waste time!

What no one tells you is that growing a business is the same as growing yourself. You become more comfortable speaking and giving presentations. You grow to be a networking wiz. You form relationships with people you would never have known. You become a writer. You become a marketing genius. You become more comfortable with yourself as that is the person that you are presenting to the world. You become the face of your company and your flaws (as long as they’re not related to bookkeeping) become irrelevant.

Thanks to everyone for your support thorough this time, its difficult at times but I’m excited for what’s to come!

10 Things About Kirk

10 things you didn’t know about me. Here goes!!

1. I am a recovering caffiene-holic. I was up to 6 cups of coffee per day after quitting cold turkey for 3 weeks I am now only at 4 cups per week at the most. Yay!

2. At 5’10.5″ I am the shorty of the family. Dad – 6’3″, Mom – 6′, Little Bro – 6’6′.

3. I LOVE my humongous eyes but because they are soo big my vision is horrible. I am a member of the coke bottle glasses club and proud!

4. I just discovered the world of natural hair. I am an new found curly girl and growing incresingly excited about it.

5. I was raised in Matteson, IL, south suburb of Chicago. We still own my childhood home!

6. Freshman year of College I took more dance classes than classes towards my major.

7. My guilty pleasure it the Disney Channel. I still get excited when the Disney Original Movies premiere!

8. 90% of my closest friends and BFF’s live out of state. Love you guys!

9. The men on my dad’s side are all nicknamed “Kirk” which is short for our last name Kirkland. Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I should be excluded from the tradition!

10. I am very picky when it comes to food and could eat the same things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.

Hope you learned a little more about me! Thanks for reading!

A Simple Introduction

For those of you that don’t know, my name is Brittany Kirkland aka Kirk. I am the President and Founder of Events by Kirk. I currently live in Las Vegas working at a strip property all day only to come home and spend the evenings building a business that I have always wanted. I am very determined and driven to reach my goals and organized to the brink of OCD (which can be a weakness). I am more excited than nervous to step out as an entrepreneur but it is definitely huge learning experience learning to balance my personal life and my work life and knowing when to take the leap on faith and take major risks for the business. Little know facts about myself; I love playing the flute more than almost anything although I rarely step away from my computer to enjoy it, I am a recovering caffeine addict and it is a daily struggle, when I wear heels to networking functions and events I stand firmly at 6’3″ and I’m proud!

I started blogging to gain exposure in the Meeting and Events Industry as an emerging industry leader. I thought it would be great not only to showcase my talents as a Meeting Professional but I thought it would be a great marketing tool for Events by Kirk to gain more exposure and accrue pieces of business.

Originally when I began this blog I was targeting other Meeting and Event Professionals like myself, but as I continue blogging and learning I have discovered that the most productive use of my blog is to target my companies target demographic. Because Events by Kirk’s specialization is launching and marketing events for startups and young companies I have decided to target young entrepreneurs who have decided to dive into this journey as well.

In visiting my blog I am hoping that readers gain different things from the Event Kirk blog; I hope they feel a sense of community that they are not the only ones going through the struggle when they are sitting alone at their computer for 50 hrs a week, that they can learn from my experiences and navigate through their obstacles easier, and that they either know who to hire for their launching events or have some resources or point of reference when planning their own events.